Professional Services

A Best Value Solution

Soft Power Solutions, LLC serves the military, public and commercial sectors with a broad range of services in the areas of  crisis and consequence management, military support to civil authorities at home and abroad, homeland security and homeland defense, business risk management and continuity of operations. We also provide professional support services staff such as medical case management, veteran military reintegration programs such as Yellow Ribbon and credentialing and privileging.  Our team  is comprised of experienced professionals possessing subject matter expertise and years of experience in these areas.

Training and Technical Assistance

SPS offers on and off site training, exercise, and consultation support.  Training is customized to fit unique threats and situations to meet client needs.  Our team has extensive experience and expertise in joint, interagency, military and civil Emergency Operations Center (EOC) planning, training, staffing, operations and procedure.  They draw on their military, civil and international security cooperation accomplishments, skills and experience to succeed.

Incident Response Support

Our Domestic Operations and Emergency Management professionals have extensive disaster management, incident response and recovery operations.  Drawing from their domestic operations and overseas experience, our personnel and consultants are knowledgeable and practiced in supporting our clients and communities in their greatest time of need through timely, on-scene support and staff augmentation.


Our SPS Team provides premier services from an "all hazards" approach to include terrorism, both domestic and abroad. Our key personnel are knowledgeable and practiced with hazards assessment and resiliency program approaches during planning, during, and post event or exercises.

Installation Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Course Services:  As part of the Army's first steps in developing a Center for Excellence for Disaster Management Training, we are providing an approved training support package for institutionalizing EOC training across the Army. Our recent multi-national training course received high marks for delivery and content.

CBRN Response Enterprise (CRE) Training exercises. Our comprehensive technical understanding of National Guard exercise support requirements comes directly from our team’s first-hand experience of providing quality Role Player Support Services (RPSS) for over 70 National Guard Vigilant Guard (VG) exercises, Homeland Response Force (HRF) and CERFP ExEvals and other Special Focus Exercises including Patriot and Joint Eagle. Together with our partners, IIF Data Solutions, Inc. (IIF) and Interagency Readiness Solutions, LLC (IRS), we can provide your total exercise training solution. We understand the unique nature and challenges of conducting CRE exercises and have provided high-quality Role Players and Structure Collapse Venue Site (SCVS) Reset and other CRE Lanes training aids to the CBRN Enterprise that has become the benchmark standard.

Superior Role Player Support: We consistently deliver the right quantity, quality and type of role players and mannequins at the locations, at the times and for the conditions needed. We have an extensive and efficient recruiting process based on over 7 years of successful past performance that guarantees the right numbers at the right times. We hire, train and manage role players and prepare realistic presentations for role players and mannequins in accordance with exercise objectives and flow rates. All logistics and geographic issues as well as moulage presentations, victim/patient flow rates, including recycling/re-insertion of role players, is managed to execute these exercises successfully and realistically. We provide superior program management and exemplary customer support. Our Program Manager works in concert with the exercise planners to develop and integrate all requirements to the customers’ unique exercise objectives to provide a total turnkey solution.

NIMS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Since 2011, we have provided experienced SMEs to role play Incident and Area Commanders and staff for numerous military focused disaster management/domestic operations exercises since. In addition to HSEEP, ICS training/certifications, and  EDMSIM training and experience, our SMEs have hands-on “real-world” experience as Incident Commanders/Area Commanders (ICs/ACs). Our bench of IC/AC SMEs surpasses the requisite technical, educational, and professional experience in Fire Rescue, HazMat, EMS, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management diciplines.

Expertise for SCVS Builds, Resets, and Enhancements: Our team brings a wealth of collapse structure development, reset and training experience. Our expert management and professional staff has the unique blend of emergency management operations, collapse structure development, search and extraction training and exercise experience required to provide effective, quality, meaningful training. Our team continuously anticipates and addresses emerging exercise requirements under the most demanding circumstances and  sets the standard within the industry.

We consistently demonstrate our reliability, capability, superior past performance and current experience to support CRE exercises, large and small. Our team’s TY13 CRE training past performance includes: OH HRF ExEval, HI CERFP ExEval and CERFP MTT, NE CERFP ExEval and CERFP MTT, IL CERFP ExEval and CERFP MTT, CO CERFP ExEval and CERFP MTT, CA HRF ExEval and HRF MTT, AL CERFP ExEval and CERFP MTT, VG AR, VA CERFP ExEval, MA HRF MTT, FL VG, CO VG, ME CERFP, Joint Eagle and Patriot 2013.

Additionally, in FY 14 and 15 our team members were awarded contracts/subcontracts for VG ME, GA HRF, TX HRF, FL CERFP and SFE and FL VG, VG AK, NY HRF, VG PA, NE MTT, WA HRF, ORNG SFE, and Vibrant Response.

SPS received the following 2014/2015 prime contracts for role player support and SCVS resets and lanes training support: PA VG and HRF ExEval SCVS Resets (2014), Patriot Role Player Support (2014 and 2015), PA HRF ExEval Role Player Support (2014), PR SFE (Operation Borinqueneer) Role Player Support (2015), TX SFE Role Player Support (2015), CA CTE Role Player Support (2015) and WV CERFP ExEval Role Player Support (2015).

Training Development and Delivery: To support exercise design, planning, preparation, execution and post exercise support services, we provide a cadre of technical services support personnel with specialized knowledge of and experience with CERFP/HRF, CST and JOC operations. Our team members have supported these forces’ missions with professional and challenging training and realistic exercise support services since 2006. We have extensive experience in developing and executing Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and NIMS compliant national and regional exercises including providing trained SMEs to function and successfully provide exercise planning, development, execution and evaluation. We have provided in-depth training development and delivery that complies with HSEEP as well as instructional development processes IAW TRADOC directives/policy for over 300 courses/events reaching more than 7,500 students from every state; NGB, NORTHCOM, JTF-CS, all service branches and many local, state and federal civilian Emergency Management (EM) professionals. Our SMEs possess experiential knowledge and demonstrated understanding on how the National Guard and DoD integrates within the civilian Incident Command System (ICS).

As a prime contractor, SPS has provided exercise design, planning and execution for the Alabama National Guard Directorate of Military Support (DOMS) during the 2015 Alabama National Guard Hurricane Exercise.  This includes supporting DOMS exercise operations planning and execution to include attending and facilitating planning meetings, scenario development/design, documenting exercise requirements, supporting exercise preparation and exercise execution. Additionally, SPS provided exercise design, planning and execution of the Chemical Warfare Agent/Biological Warfare Agent Situational Training Exercise for the 3rd CST/WMD. Additionally, SPS has been awarded a prime contract from USPFO for Florida to provide Army Emergency Management