Our Company

Soft Power Solutions (SPS) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides our clients with dynamic, practical solutions.

SPS is a fully capable prime contractor that is successful with government and commercial organizations. Our past performance encompasses all 50 states, territories, the District of Columbia, US Pacific Command, and partner nations. We provide professional services and solutions-based services to meet our federal and commercial customers' needs. Our core competencies include construction, essential services, training, planning, education, logistics, veteran and family support, disaster management, theater security cooperation, and workforce and exercise support.

We provide high-quality products and solutions through new and innovative technologies that use the best blend of cost and time effectiveness, providing the Client with a reduction in cost and the amount of time it takes to do the work. We are powerful, well-equipped, and willing to develop and deliver your project on budget, schedule, and of the highest quality.

SPS is a diversified organization specializing in infrastructure and essential services. With its partners, it has more than 30 years of experience in turnkey construction projects throughout the various regions of the world. We pride ourselves in helping private clientele, organizations, governments, and militaries work successfully in some of the world's most austere and remote locations. SPS is well-adapted to challenging environments and has unique capabilities to bring working stability in the most challenging settings. Under extraordinary conditions and in areas that introduce logistical challenges, you need peace of mind that the job will get done.

Advantages of partnering with an SDVO

SDVOSBs have a competitive advantage that extends to the businesses that partner with them.

  1. Prioritized for government contracts.

Three percent of contracts may seem like a small percentage, but it is a sure percentage allocated for businesses owned by service-disabled veterans. If your local industry has a small percentage of certified SDVOSBs, your chances of winning contracts will be higher than your competitors if you are in partnership with an SDVOSB.

  1. Opportunity to establish stronger business ties based on merit.

Each contract is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the agency that awards it. Government contracts can go on for the long term, and when a business wins the agency's trust, it could get more contracts.

  1. Consumers are inclined to support SDVOSBs and their affiliates.

Many consumers support veteran businesses by principle, not just people with families and friends who are veteran business owners. This is why veterans who own businesses make their histories known to their customers and audience.

When given a choice between two products of the same level in terms of quality and price, customers will choose the business with even the slightest advantage, and an affiliation with an SDVOSB counts as one.

Image of workplace with paper and electronic documents on desk

Our Processes

Our corporate process includes project analysis and accurately defining requirements, deliverables, and scheduling. We deliver effective, enduring solutions to ensure that projects come in on time and within budget. We use a co-creative approach using the customer's knowledge, experience and resources to develop the most cost-effective solution.

Our Team

Our senior management team, led by Edwin A. (Skip) Vincent, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret), is motivated and involved, monitoring all projects' progress to ensure they're on track and within budget. Our business development professionals have the knowledge and experience to identify the customers' needs and develop the plans and processes to meet these needs effectively. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to all projects; additionally, SPS maintains the ability to reach out to other SMEs with the required skills to meet the customer's needs.