Past Performance: Professional Services

Past Performance: SPS is a fully capable prime contractor with specific experience working with the Department of Defense and the National Guard.  We understand the contract processes and the level of professional and programmatic support required to fulfill professional support requirements successfully.

Our team's experience and superb past performance encompass the providing of services and support in all 50 states, three territories, and the District of Columbia for national and state-based programs, including:

> National Guard Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, Family and Employer Programs and Policy (FEPP) Support Staff and Employer Initiative Program Support Staff and National Program Management
> Professional Services for the Guard and Reserve, including
-- Staffing and managing nationwide programs such as Reserve Component Career Counselor (RCCC) Program and the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) Guidance Counselor Program
-- Professional support for State-level programs, including medical support services for GAARNG, INARNG, NCARNG, PAARNG, PRARNG, and UTARG, SCARNG Employment Support and Transition Services/Professional and Administrative Recruiting and Retention Services, GAARNG Recruiting and Retention and Education and Incentives Support Services, Military Pay Specialists for PAARNG and Facilities Program Technical Support for PAARNG.
-- Professional support services requiring staff with experience and skills in the areas of military personnel and human resources, including ARNG Chaplain, Family Readiness, and Well-Being Support Operations professional services, training support services, education support services, medical support services, recruiting and retention, and family and youth support services.

> Professional services and augmentation support for theater-level commands

--Planning and augmentation support for Headquarters, Pacific Air Forces logistics plans covering over 51% of the globe.

--Theater Security Cooperation planning and augmentation support to the Pacific Campaign Plan and PACAF's readiness objectives.

>Program Management and Professional Support for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

As a prime contractor: SPS was awarded the Air National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Support contract on 30 June 2015. This contract represents a highly relevant core capability that demonstrates our ability to provide national-level professional support that is geographically dispersed. Circumstances required that SPS assume complete project management and on board  65 full-time Yellow Ribbon Support Specialists throughout the 50 states, three territories, and the District of Columbia.  SPS accomplished the transition with no break in service to our airmen and their families.  Additionally, our Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist (YRSS) staff members went on to support executing airman and family well-being activities and events at all wings. We provide coordination support at the state/wing level throughout the three phases of the deployment cycle, coordinating, preparing, and executing reunion and reintegration events and activities. We also provide logistical support for the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), strong bonds, and resilience, including organizing events, gathering data, requesting funding, making appointments and training dates, and tracking and monitoring attendance.

We have also provided a seamless transition for several professional services in less than three days for the following customers: GAARNG Medical Case Management, NCARNG Medical Case Management, PAARNG Facilities Program Technical Support, MILPAY Support, Medical Case Management, PRARNG Medical Case Management, and UTARNG Medical Case Management.

Management Approach: We have a proven capability to provide nationwide staffing, including transitioning staff within ten calendar days – sometimes in as little as 1-3 days. Our team's knowledge of the National Guard environment (at the national and state level) and our capability to effectively execute project staffing, including transitioning staff and recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff, have enabled our success.

Sound, effective, and efficient business processes.  Founded and primarily staffed with military veterans, SPS provides professional and technical services for customers needing bridge contract vehicles, short or long-term professional management, and staffing and program support. SPS's solid business processes and financial stability contribute to our sound past performance and our ability to support our sub-contractors.  Our people and processes ensure exceptional financial, schedule, and technical management of contracts, including:

> Systems for accounting, recruiting and staffing, human resources, online timekeeping and travel support, the capability to receive, manage, and administer Federal contracts, knowledge, and experience to accurately invoice the Government using Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) and provide timely Contractor Manpower Reporting.
> Operational and financial capability to perform successfully. SPS maintains adequate capital, loans, and lines of credit as required to eliminate financial risk as we complete our contractual duties and obligations.
> Proven experience contracting with Army National Guard (ARNG) and Air National Guard (ANG) customers, including the ANG for Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Support in all 50 states, three territories, and the District of Columbia, awards in 2014 and 2015 for the National Guard Bureau and several United States Fiscal and Property Offices, including Alabama, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia for professional support services.