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Qur'an Burning Riots:  How Geospatial Tools Helped Calm Waters: GPS World; Art Kalinski

Association of Old Crows/Information Operations Institute:  Keynote speaker on technology and soft power

Industrial College of the Armed Forces: Reserve Component for the 21st Century

PACOM Science and Technology Conference 2014:  Workshop leader – Applying Technology to Disaster Management:  The Realm of the Possible

PACOM Science and Technology Conference 2013:  Workshop leader - Applying military technology to peacetime – complex operations

PACOM Science and Technology Conference 2012:  Case study – Integrating Industry  into Phase 0 shaping operations

PACOM Science and Technology Conference 2011:  Keynote and panel moderator; using technology to leverage industry, interagency, and partner nations to support security cooperation

Information Operations Leadership in the Pacific: Keynote speaker

Social Media and Big Data for GIS professionals:  GPS World

National Defense UniversityTIDES lecture series

National Defense Industrial Association: Public Private Partnership Case Study: HA/DR and beyond

Information Operations and Soft Power: A whole of society approach:  Myanmar Peace Center

Singh Agricultural University, Pakistan: Community resilience and disaster recovery – A Practical  Recovery Roadmap

Soft Power Alternatives, Singh Valley Pakistan: Loya Jirga of Pashtun Tribal Leaders

Pepperdine University and League for Hope Leadership Symposium: Soft Power ProtocolsHarnessing NGO and private capabilities

Soft Power:  Measures and Strategy.  Author.  Introduces Soft Power Engineering and analytics that defines key soft power stability factors and metrics derived from over 1,700 U.S. peacetime military engagements. Ties U.S. soft power agenda to military, industry, and community interests through a proven systems approach that includes co-creation, capacity building, and public/private partnerships.

Soft Power Insights:  Author

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